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FRIDAY 13.07.2018

Opening Event in MQ’s Haupthof

8:30 p.m.

Live musical act: MONTH OF SUNDAYS

9:30 p.m.

Welcome speech: Martina Theininger (director, Frame[o]ut) and Guests.

9:45 p.m.


THE RIDER, USA 2017, 104min, fiction feature, director: Chloé Zhao, original version w/ German subtitles
With Brady Jandreau, Tim Jandreau, Lilly Jandreau, et al.

After an accident at a rodeo the young cowboy Brady must face the fact that he’ll never ride again. Back home, at the Pine Ridge Reservation in Southern Dakota, he searches for a new place and new meaning in life. But Brady’s unable to contain his skill with horses or his desire for freedom. And so, Brady and the film pursue the great myth of America’s West in a new and surprising form.

Screenwriter Chloé Zhao
Camera: Joshua James Richards
Editor: Alex O‘Flinn
Sound: Paul Knox, Ben Gieschen
Music: Nathan Halpern
Producers: Chloé Zhao, Bert Hamelinck,
Sacha Ben Harroche, Mollye Asher
Production: Caviar, Highwayman Films

Chloé Zhao is a screenwriter, director and producer. After growing up in Beijing and London she now lives in Southern California. Her debut film, “Songs My Brothers Taught Me,” received a number of international awards in 2015. For THE RIDER Zhao worked with amateur actors she met while shooting her debut film whose life stories are similar to the protagonist’s. THE RIDER is Zhao’s second impressive, authentic independent film in the finest tradition of the 1990s.

Live musical act: MONTH OF SUNDAYS

month of sundays since being founded in Vienna in 2013, has pursued the goal of creating contemporary chamber music. Their songs, at the intersection of acoustic and electronic aesthetics, have rich detail and exhibit well-considered coordination of musical content and form. The group’s arc touches upon minimal music, post-rock and jazz. In spring 2015 they released their debut album and since then have received numerous positive reviews. This was followed by many concerts and invitations to renowned festivals in Austria and abroad. Currently the four musicians are working on their second studio album, which has the working title “Time and Ruins.”

month of sundays are Alexander Kranabetter (horns), Philipp Harnisch (alto saxophone), Ivo Fina (guitar) and Johannes Wakolbinger (drums).

SATURDAY 14.07.2017

MQ’s Hof 8

9.30 p.m.


Program of short films from Austria and the USA, approx. 75min

FUCKING DRAMA, AUT 2017, 17min, director: Michael Podogil
(University of Music and the Performing Arts, Vienna / Film Academy)

A young couple spontaneously decides to see a play that will be put on in a basement. At first the audience eagerly waits for it to start, and is then bored. The atmosphere changes abruptly when the play’s writer shows up.

LETHE, FRA/GEO 2017, 16min director: Dea Kulumbegashvili
(Columbia University School of the Arts)

Lethe, the river of forgetfulness, is in the underworld in Greek mythology. A horseman passes through the village on its bank. Children play with secret desires while adults carouse. Love and violence are instinctive elements of love. A new version of Greek mythology.

TRIPOLI, LEBANON, AUT, 13min, director: Julia Schmidt
(University of Applied Arts Vienna)

War changes people. War makes us forget. With time we rediscover things. In Tripoli there’s a dome that has been intended to serve as a theater since the civil war began in 1975. A forgotten place with a magical echo that’s rediscovered through music and children.

VIVA COCO!, USA/CUB 2017, 11min, director: Rocío Olivares
(Columbia University, New York City)

The 2016 Chanel fashion show in Havana, Cuba: The design fantasy created by the fashion house is undermined and rearranged by the camera’s gaze. As a result Cuba’s recent history, as told by the fashion show, is retold in a new way.

BEATRIZ’S HOUSE, MEX 2017, 16min, director: Suzanne Andrews Correa
(Columbia University, New York City)

A difficult split-up turns Beatriz’s life upside down. She seems to be losing everything that’s important to her. Then she hires Isabel, a 39-year-old caregiver, to maintain the lifestyle she had always known.

AASFF is the first binational film festival, presenting short films of all forms and genres created by young Austrian and US artists. Competing films will be chosen from the numerous contributions, and New York City’s Columbia University and School of Visual Arts and Vienna’s University of Applied Arts and Film Academy are project partners. The winners of AASFF’s third edition will be shown at frame[o]ut.

This year’s AASFF festival jury comprises Barbara Albert (director), Marcia Nasatir (film producer and former vice-president United Artists) and Anne Goursaud (editor and director)

Stephanie Falkeis (AASFF curator) and the filmmakers will also be present.


FRIDAY 20.07.2018

MQ’s Haupthof

9:30 p.m.
100 YEN LOVE, JPN 2014, 113min, fiction feature, director: Masaharu Take, original version w/ German subtitles
With Sakura Ando, Hirofumi Arai, et al. Ichiko (Sakura Ando) is 23 and lives with her parents, her divorced sister and her son in an apartment that’s much too small for them. She plays video games with her nephew and lives for the day without a goal in life. After a family fight Ichiko’s mother kicks her out. She gets a job and becomes friends with amateur boxer Yuji Kano, then climbs into the ring herself.

Screenwriter: Shin Adachi
Camera: Hiromitsu Nishimura
Editor: Chieko Suzaki
Music: Shogo Kaida
Producers: Gen Sato, Yuji Hiradai, Yoshinori Kano
Production: Spotted Productions

Masaharu Take studied as Tokyo’s Meiji University and was a freelance assistant director before making his own films. His debut film, “Boy Meets Pusan,” shot in South Korea, was released in 2007.

In cooperation with Chang Xue (project manager and chief editor, Nippon Nation), who will also be present.


SATURDAY 21.07.2018

MQ’s Hof 8

9:30 p.m.
ALL CREATURES WELCOME, DEU 2018, 87min, documentary, director: Sandra Trostel, original version w/ German subtitles
With Daniel Domscheit-Berg, Constanze Kurz, Nexus, Jeremie Zimmermann
The film shows the current activities and gatherings of the legendary Chaos Computer Club, Europe’s largest association of hackers. Structured like an 8-bit adventure game the film jumps from one level to the next with the command “Use hacking as a mindset.” We see the NGO’s members, who work for cross-border freedom of information and examine the effects of technology on humans in a digitized world. We meet angels, agents, activists, coders and makers, experiencing the community and its colorful form of self-organization, which follows the principle: “All creatures welcome! Be excellent to each other!”

Screenwriter and editor: Sandra Trostel
Camera: Sandra Trostel, Lilli Thalgott
Sound: Jonas Hummel
Music: Thies Mynther
Producer: Sandra Trostel
Production: Fairy Bot

Sandra Trostelis a filmmaker, editor and new digital storyteller from Hamburg. After ten years spent working as a cutter in all audiovisual sectors she has made her own documentaries and music videos since 2005. At present she’s studying at HAW Hamburg in its computer science department.

FRIDAY 27.07.2018

MQ’s Haupthof

9:30 p.m.
BEYOND – AN AFRICAN SURF DOCUMENTARY, AUT 2017, 111min, documentary, director: Mario Hainzl, original version w/ German subtitles
With Jocick Pitol, Alfred René Noser, Sam Bleakley, Papa Magatte Diagne, Armando Lambra, Joseph Dieatta, et al.

BEYOND takes us along the coast of Western Africa, from Morocco and the Western Sahara to Mauritania, then to Senegal, Gambia and the border of Guinea Bissau. The film tells the viewer at eye level about the life plans, realities and dreams of its protagonists. Glittering waves, popular surfing spots, untouched beaches in restricted military zones and Senegal’s Sine-Saloum region, filled with mangroves, are its magical locations. Surfing and board culture fuse with the local youth’s forms of expression. Surfing and travel serve to link the protagonists and their stories with the audience through the screen.

Camera: René Eckert, Felix Gänsicke,
Roman Königshofer, Mario Hainzl
Editor: Yuri Rechinsky, Sebastian Funk
Music/OST: The Quiet Now
Sound design: Christofer Frank
Producer: Valentin Renoldner
Produkcion: Andreas Jaritz, Tommy Pridnig,
Peter Wirthensohn
Production coordinator: Vanessa Kröll

Mario Hainzl and Andreas Jaritz took a look at the international surfing scene in their debut film, “The Old, The Young & The Sea,” which was released in 2013. In Northern Spain, Chile and Senegal the two filmmakers employ their filmic gaze in BEYOND to show surfing as much more than just a hobby, opening up various environments and creating new approaches.

“If the film gives some viewers the sense of seeing more than this huge continent south of Europe which seems to be very far removed in terms of geography and culture, and encourages them to think about stories involving people who live like we do in Europe instead, then we’ve achieved our goal. The film doesn’t search for exoticism where you might be able to find familiarity. It’s a product of empathy, curiosity and friendships.... BEYOND is a film about change. And about self-image and images of foreign cultures, about generational conflicts, but also about dreams. The dreams of people who make them come true beyond common ideas about Africa and often under difficult conditions.” Mario Hainzl

SATURDAY 28.07.2018

MQ’s Hof 8

9:30 p.m.

Short-film Program and Discussion | #KlappeAuf Platform

#KlappeAuf is an independent initiative begun by Austrian filmmakers in January 2018 and since February has received the support of more than 600 representatives of the sector. The platform intends to present short filmic interventions on Austrian politics, the causes and the background, both on digital media as well as in the public space.

The short-film program comprises a selection of the more than 30 works created so far, including documentary, fiction, artistic and provocative contributions of up to 180 seconds.

9:30 p.m.
THE GIRLS, SWE 1968, 100min, feature fiction, director: Mai Zetterling, original version w/ English subtitles
With Bibi Andersson, Harriet Andersson, Gunnel Lindblom
The focus of this visionary 1968 Swedish drama are three stage actresses who plan to tour Sweden with a theater group and perform Aristophanes’ “Lysistrata.” The story alternates between reality, the play and the women’s fantasies. In a number of sequences with surreal elements, wit and lightness Mai Zetterling produced a milestone in political cinema of the era.

Screenwriters: Mai Zetterling, David Hugh
Camera: Rune Ericson
Editor: Wic‘ Kjellin
Music: Michael John Hurd
Producer: Göran Lindgren
Production: Sandrew Film & Theater

Mai Zetterling (1925-1994) was a Swedish director and actor. Ingmar Bergmann penned the screenplay for one of her early films, “Torment” (1944). For the first short cinema film she directed, “The War Game” (1963), Zetterling received an award at the Venice Film Festival. According to the British distributor’s online catalogue Simon de Beauvior, who wanted to work with Zetterling, said the following about THE GIRLS: “Ironic and comic, this film moves us by the beauty of its landscapes, its poetry and above all its subtle tenderness."

FRIDAY 03.08.2018

MQ’s Haupthof

9:00 p.m.



9:30 p.m.
L’HOMME DE RIO, FR/IT 1964, 110min, fiction feature, director: Philippe de Broca, original version w/ German subtitles
With Jean-Paul Belmondo, Françoise Dorléac, Jean Servais, et al. While on leave in Paris the young soldier Adrien witnesses the kidnapping of his fiancée Agnès, the daughter of a renowned ethnologist. As a stowaway on a plane he follows her to Rio de Janeiro, and that’s where the chase really gets under way. Adrien rescues his eccentric fiancée, but the bad guys kidnap her a second time, and Adrien rescues her once again. In Brasília some stolen figurines are recovered, and there’s a fast-paced confrontation of good versus evil. All this makes for an adventure film full of light summer entertainment with irresistible sixties flair.

Screenwriters: Philippe de Broca, Daniel Boulanger, Ariane Mnouchkine, Jean-Paul Rappeneau,
Camera: Edmond Séchan
Editor: Françoise Javet
Sound: Jaques Maumont
Music: Georges Delerue
Production: Georges Dancigers, Alexandre Mnouchkine

Philippe de Broca (1933-2004) was a French film director who learned his trade as an assistant director for Claude Chabrol and François Truffaut, among other assignments. From 1960 until his death de Broca made more than 30 fiction features, the majority of which possessed a lightness, tempo and high entertainment value served up in a contemporary mainstream package. De Broca’s directing style was rewarded with a favorable reception by his audience and, at times, exacting film critics.

In cooperation with DISKOLLEKTIV, with an audience discussion.
By and with DISKOLLEKTIV, which was founded by Andrey Arnold, Valerie Dirk, Iris Fraueneder, Martin Thomson and Ulrike Wirth in November 2015 to promote innovative event organization and discussion culture relating to cinema and audiovisual media

Its TROUBLE FEATURES presents films that rarely get in each other’s way at the same time and in the same place. Programmed as a surprise screening it will transform the screen into a battleground for conflicts and contradictions of all kind and invite the audience to participate in an unexpected cinematic experience. After appearances at Crossing Europe, the Diagonale and /slash a surprise short film will be paired with L’HOMME DE RIO in the luscious HOLIDAY SPECIAL.


SATURDAY 04.07.2018

MQ’s Hof 8


Ramble through the MQ with short films, 54min and four stations. With a mobile program from YOUKI – International Youth Media Festival

Start and meeting point: end of Mariahilfer Straße at Dschungel Wien – Theaterhaus End: frame[o]ut screen, MQ’s Hof 8

HYPERTRAIN, CHE 2016, 7min, director: Etienne Kompis
MARTIEN, CHE 2016, 10min, director: Maxime Pillonel

TASTE OF LOVE, AUT 2017, 5min, director: Paul Scheufler
L’ARIA DEL MOSCERINO, DEU 2017, 5min, director: Oliver Krause
ESPRESSO, AUT 2016, 5min, director: Alexander Gratzer

MASCHA – WIE 1 JAMES BOND SONG, AUT 2017, 4min, director: Mascha Peleshko
EXPOSÉ, DEU 2015, 5min, director: Ronja Jansz

WIE ICH BERÜHMT WERDEN WOLLTE, AUT 2016, 16min, director: Tim Oppermann

9:45 p.m.

International Short-film Program, 61min, MQ’s Hof 8

WÖSSIDE - WÖS RAP REC, AUT 2015, 5min, director: Leni Gruber
THE BLOOM OF YOUTH, HUN 2015, 15min, director: Ádám Freund
THE LAST VIRGIN, ESP 2017, 18min, director: Bàrbara Farré
SPUREN IM MEHL, DEU 2016, 5min, director: Jugendfilm e.V. (Sommerferien Workshop)
FUCKING KILLAS ON SPEED DIAL, DNK 2017, 17min, director: August Aabo
YOUKI YOUKI is Austria’s largest international youth media festival and takes place every year in late November in Wels, Upper Austria.

The most important part of the festival is the international competition for short films made by young directors between the ages of 10 and 26. Workshops, youth media projects, educational programs, concerts and parties comprise the supporting program. In addition renowned representatives of the film, media and culture sectors come together at YOUKI.

This year YOUKI will cooperate for the second time with the
frame[o]ut festival, and like last year it will put on a film ramble with five mobile stations and a screening in Hof 8.

In cooperation with Laura-Lee Röckendörfer (festival director, YOUKI) and Anna Prischl (curator, YOUKI), who will also be present.


FRIDAY 10.08.2018

MQ’s Haupthof

9:00 p.m.
FACES PLACES, FRA 2017, 93min, documentary, directors: Agnès Varda and JR, original version w/ German subtitles
The 89-year-old iconic director Agnès Varda and the 33-year-old street artist JR set out with their unique “photomobile” to discover and depict France’s residents and their stories in larger-than-life portraits applied to facades, trains and shipping containers. Their art focuses on people from Provence to Normandy: the letter carrier, the factory worker and the last resident on a block in a former mining community. Landscapes are transformed into stages, faces tell us forgotten stories, and gazes turn into encounters.

Screenwriters: Agnès Varda, Maxime Pozzi-Garcia
Camera: Romain Le Bonniec, Raphael Minnesota,
Roberto De Angelis, Julia Fabry Matthieu Chedid aka -M
Editor: Claire Duguet, Nicolas Guicheteau, Valentin Vignet
Sound: Karsten Höfer
Music: Rosalie Varda
Produkcion: Arte France Cinéma, Arches films

Agnès Varda is a legendary filmmaker who also works as a photographer and installation artist. A native of Belgium, as a child she and her parents escaped to France during World War II. In the 1950s she became one of the country’s key figures in contemporary film, and the influence of her works on the cinema is still felt. Varda has worked with renowned film artists such as Chris Marker and Alain Resnais. She was married to Jacques Demy (“Les parapluies de Cherbourg,” FR 1964) until his death in 1990. Her fiction feature “Sans toit ni loi” (“Vagabond,” FR 1985) was awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

JR (Juste Ridicule) is a photographer and street artist. He made a name for himself with his aesthetic and impressive photographs of the residents of high-rise buildings in the banlieues, which were mounted as spectacular large-scale posters on buildings and bridges in Paris and Cartagena. JR provided the initiative for the documentary FACES PLACES, his debut film, and was nominated for an Oscar® in March 2018.

In cooperation with Jakob Kattner (director of Calle Libre) and street artists, who will also be present.


SATURDAY 11.08.2018

MQ’s Hof 8

9:00 p.m.
WHITE WALLS SAY NOTHING, USA/ARG 2018, 70min, documentary, directors: Jonny Robson, Gates Bradley
With Franco Fasoli, Christian Riffel, Martin Omar Privitera, et al. Buenos Aires: a complex and chaotic city. Its population and influences are diverse. For a century the city has alternated between dictatorship and democracy, and its residents have repeatedly been subjected to brutal repression and economic crisis. In the center of all this generations of artists and activists have turned to the public space to express themselves through street art, transforming the city’s walls into expressive symbols. They serve as the city’s voice, and the documentary shows what they have to say.

Screenwriter: Jonny Robson, Gates Bradley
Camera: Mike Lockridge
Sound: Pablo Esquer
Editor: Marino Morduchowicz
Produzers: Jonny Robson, Gates Bradley
Production: Peter Scheffer, Remi Lehmann

Gates Bradley has worked in film and TV as a director and producer for nine years. After graduating from film school in 2004, he founded the creative boutique Super!Alright!, serving as a creative director and producer. In 2009 he moved to Buenos Aires, where he was fascinated by the presence, diversity and color of the local street-art scene. Bradley’s work with the art form and the social struggles in the city provide the foundation for his film


FRIDAY 17.08.2017

MQ’s Haupthof

9:00 p.m.



9:30 p.m.
SKATE KITCHEN, USA 2018, 106min, fiction feature, director: Crystal Moselle
With Rachelle Vinberg, Jaden Smith, Jules Lorenzo, Brenn Lorenzo, Nina Moran, Kabrina Adams, Ardelia Lovelace and Ajani Russell Camille lives on Long Island. A lonely teenager, she hangs out at a small skate park until, against the wishes of her single mother, she joins Skate Kitchen and cruises the concrete jungle of New York City with this eccentric girl gang from Manhattan. Camille makes new friends and finds out that growing up can also mean new freedom. Crystal Moselle’s touching debut fiction feature is based on the Instagram feed of the real-life Skate Kitchen. In light-drenched images and constant movement she effortlessly portrays the fluid self-determination of the protagonists and their freedom, their solidarity and the meaning of friendship in a coming-of-age film.

Screenwriters: Crystal Moselle, Aslihan Unaldi, Jennifer Silverman
Camera: Shabier Kirchner
Sound: Coll Anderson, M.P.S.E.
Music: Aska Matsumiya
Editor: Nico Leunen
Producers: Rodrigo Teixeira, Julia Nottingham, Matthew Perniciaro, Lizzie Nastro, Izabella Tzenkova, Michael Sherman
Production: Bow and Arrow Entertainment

The filmmaker Crystal Moselle The filmmaker Crystal Moselle has been realizing projects for publications such as “Vice” and “The New York Times” for over ten years and has worked with a range of artists, including Pharrell Williams and Shepard Fairey for the series “Something Big, Something Small.” Her documentary series “A Dream of Water” (2016) for “National Geographic” focuses on women dealing with water shortages in Haiti, Peru and Kenya. Her award-winning documentary “The Wolfpack” (2015) tells the story of six brothers whose only knowledge of the world outside their Manhattan apartment comes from films. SKATE KITCHEN is her first fiction feature.

In cooperation with DISKOLLEKTIV, with an audience discussion.
By and with DISKOLLEKTIV, which was founded by Andrey Arnold, Valerie Dirk, Iris Fraueneder, Martin Thomson and Ulrike Wirth in November 2015 to promote innovative event organization and discussion culture relating to cinema and audiovisual media

Its TROUBLE FEATURES presents films that rarely get in each other’s way at the same time and in the same place. Programmed as a surprise screening it will transform the screen into a battleground for conflicts and contradictions of all kind and invite the audience to participate in an unexpected cinematic experience. After appearances at Crossing Europe, the Diagonale and /slash a surprise short film will be paired with SKATE KITCHEN in the luscious HOLIDAY SPECIAL


SATURDAY 18.08.2018

MQ’s Hof 8

9:00 p.m.
DIE_ANDEREN_BILDER, AUT/DEU/FRA 2018, 17min, short, director: Iris Blauensteiner, original version

A hard drive, 2.8 terabytes, data left over from a project worked on a decade ago. In 2008 filmmaker and writer Iris Blauensteiner made her first short fiction film, and now she’s taking a look at the remaining material: outtakes, photos, audio files, emails, portions of the screenplay, ideas that were abandoned. The data was archived carefully, but time has left traces. Old formats can’t be played, current equipment isn’t compatible. Playback errors and visual interference make easy reminiscence impossible; the sounds and images are no longer what they were. Hauntingly magical scenes are created from the digital leftovers and errors, forcing their way into the range of the audible and visible.

Director, screenwriter & production: Iris Blauensteiner
Music & sound: Rojin Sharafi
Narrator/actor: Judith Mauthe
Research: Flora Löffenlmann

9:17 p.m.
THE CLEANERS, DEU/BRA 2018, 88min, documentary, directors: Hans Block, Moritz Riesewieck, original version w/ German subtitles
With Nicole Wong, Illma Gore, David Kaye, et al

The shadow industry of digital censorship on the web: whoever believes that a sophisticated algorithm or a form of artificial un-intelligence blocks Facebook users or Twitter accounts is wrong. In Manila, the world’s largest outsourcing location for content management, tens of thousands of people delete photos, videos and texts for technology corporations in ten-hour shifts. Decisions regarding censorship or whether content is made visible are outsourced to these content managers. Which criteria are employed for the work of these employees, most of them quite young, is one of the best-kept secrets of their bosses. The documentary shows these people at work, surfing the web with them during their daily routine, clicking from internet cleaning crews in Manila to Los Angeles, London and Berlin.

Screenwriter:Hans Block, Moritz Riesewieck
Camera:Hans Block, Moritz Riesewieck
Editor:Philipp Gromov, Hansjörg Weißbrich, Markus CM Schmidt
Sound:Karsten Höfer
Music:Paradox Paradise (John Gürtler, Jan Miserre, Lars Voges)
Production:gebrueder beetz filmproduktion

Moritz Riesewieck, born in Germany’s Ruhrgebiet in 1985, is a theater and film director and a writer. As the recipient of a scholarship from the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes he studied Economics and then Directing at Berlin’s University of Performing Arts Ernst Busch. He has put on productions and performed at Schauspiel Dortmund and the Internationalen Forum des Berliner Theatertreffens and in Mexico City. In 2015 Moritz Riesewieck was invited to the Heidelberger Stückemarkt and received the state of Berlin’s Elsa-Neumann-Stipendium for his innovative work. His essay “Digitale Drecksarbeit” was recently published by dtv.

Iris Blauensteiner is a filmmaker and writer with degrees in Art and Digital Media from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the University of Vienna’s department of theater, film and media studies. Since 2004 she has created films, primarily as a screenwriter and director (e.g. DIE_ANDEREN_BILDER, experimental essay film, 2018; “Rast,” documentary, 2016; “Schwitzen,” short fiction film, 2014; “Doublage,” experimental film, 2007). In 2016 her debut novel, “Kopfzecke,” was published by Verlag Kremayr & Scheriau. Blauensteiner is a member of the Golden Pixel Cooperative.

Moritz Riesewieck (director) and Iris Blauensteiner (filmmaker and writer) will be present.


FRIDAY 24.08. 2018

MQ’s HOF 8

9:00 p.m.
DAS BIN NICHT ICH, DAS IST EIN BILD VON MIR, AUT 2018, 10min, short, director: Christiana Perschon, original version

Making an object based on a photograph involves adding dimensions such as space, time and continuity. Skewers, hairpins and nails were the tools of self-liberation in Karin Mack’s 1977 photo series “Zerstörung einer Illusion,” which was produced with a self-timer and processed manually in a darkroom. Forty years after its creation a new perspective transforms examination of the prevailing self-image and belief of women’s role at the time into a three-dimensional object and sets it in motion. Light and rotation create an illusory perceptual horizon that’s inherent to filmmaking and make the living shadows dance in the delirium of the real.

Concept, camera, sound and editor: Christiana Perschon
Voiceover: Karin Mack
Supported by: BKA Innovative Film Austria

9:40 p.m.
THE STEEL MILL CAFÉ, HRV 2017, 61min, documentary, director: Goran Dević, original version w/ English subtitles

Erna and Dževad own a cafe at the Sisak bus station, next to ironworks that used to be one of the largest in Eastern Europe. The film follows the encounters and conversations of the cafe’s customers one week before the foundry would close for good. The main topic of their discussions is Germany—a new heaven of Earth for these members of the former Socialist working class.

Screenplay: Goran Devic
Camera: Vetran Rapo
Sound: Martin Semencic
Editor: Vladimir Gjun
Music: Nema Glazbu
Producer: Hrvoje Osvadic
Production: Petnaesta umjetnost

Goran Devic was born in Sisak, Croatia, in 1971. He graduated in Film and Television Direction from Zagreb’s Academy of Dramatic Art, where he’s currently teaching as an assistant in the study of documentary film. In late 2007 he founded the film-production company Petnaesta umjetnost.

Christiana Perschon is a filmmaker. She lives in Vienna and studies Art and Film at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Perschon works for ORF (the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation), the Österreichische Mediathek, as a curator for the Austrian Film Museum (Barbara Hammer retrospective, 2018) and as a research fellow at the Ludwig-Boltzmann-Institut für Geschichte und Gesellschaft.

In Programmpartnerschaft mit frei_raum Q21 exhibition space/MuseumsQuartier Wien und Anamarija Batista (Kuratorin Q21)

For information on the show
"Productive Work - What is it supposed to be?,"
July 28 to September 2, 2018 at Q21
and curator Anamarija Batista: hier


SATURDAY 25.08.2018

MQ’s Haupthof

8:30 p.m.
Cats Just Wanna Have Fun!
In five different CATegories portraits of and stories about famous cats and their owners from around the world will be presented. A fort will be built for LIL BUB; COLE & MARMALADE show their exciting daily feline lives; HENRI, LE CHAT NOIR shares his life of constant suffering with us; and KEYBOARD CAT hammers the keys. Along with international stars domestic felines (STUBENTIGER) will also be included. Furthermore we will present brand-new highlights and music videos from the world of cats that premiered at renowned international film festivals such as Toronto.

DThe Cat Video Festival Vienna will be put on by the Vienna Shorts Agentur in cooperation with CatVideoFest, frame[o]ut and the MuseumsQuartier.

In cooperation with Marija Milovanovic and Julia Fabrick (curators, CAT VIDEO FESTIVAL VIENNA and Vienna Shorts Agentur), who will also be present.


FRIDAY 31.08.2018

MQ’s Haupthof

9:30 p.m.
RAFIKI, KEN/ZAF/FRA/NLD/DEU 2018, 82min, fiction feature, director: Wanuri Kahiu, original version w/ English subtitles
With Samantha Mugatsia, Sheila Munyica, et al.

“Good Kenyan girls become good Kenyan wives,” doch Kena und Ziki wollen mehr. Trotz der politischen Rivalitäten ihrer Familien, werden die beiden jungen Frauen enge Freundinnen, die sich im Streben nach der Erfüllung ihrer Träume in einem konservativen Umfeld gegenseitig unterstützen. Die beiden verlieben sich ineinander und sind letztendlich gezwungen zwischen Glück und Sicherheit zu entscheiden - Mit diesem dynamischen Coming of Age Drama vertritt Wanuri Kahiu 2018 Kenia erstmals in Cannes. Ihr mutiger Film ist international erfolgreich, darf jedoch in Kenia selbst nicht aufgeführt werden. Ein starkes Statement für Diversität und Empowerment auf der Leinwand und ein wichtiger Beitrag zum zeitgenössischen afrikanischen Kino.

Screenwriters: Wanuri Kahiu, Jenna Bass
Camera: Christopher Wessels
Editor: Isabelle Dedieu
Sound: Frédéric Salles
Producer: Steven Markovitz
Production: Big World Cinema, Afrobubblegum

Born in Nairobi, Wanuri Kahiu belongs to the new generation of African storytellers. Her films and stories are internationally renowned, and her work has been screened at numerous festivals around the globe. RAFIKI is her second full-length film. Wanuri is a co-founder of the media company Afrobubblegum, a network that produces, supports and distributes “fun, fierce and frivolous African art.”

SATURDAY 01.09.2018

MQ’s Hof 8


Final Evening

9:00 p.m.
DRIES, DEU/BEL 2017, 90min, documentary, director: Reiner Holzemer, original version w/ English subtitles
With Dries Van Noten, Iris Apfel, Pamela Golbin, et al.

A freelance fashion designer, Dries Van Noten has run his company on his own for over thirty years as a counterbalance to the fast-fashion industry. For the first time ever the Flemish designer permits a film to examine his creative process: from the inspiration, selection and design to the combination of unique outfits, and finally to the catwalk at the Paris Fashion Week. With the same calm, precision, curiosity and fantasy with which Van Noten creates his fashion the documentation portrays the work of one of the most influential designers of our time.

Screenplay, camera and producer: Reiner Holzemer
Editor: Helmar Jungmann, Stephan Krumbiegel
Sound: Jürgen Roth
Music: Colin Greenwood
Production: Reiner Holzemer Films, BR

Reiner Holzemer is a German director, cameraman and producer and has already portrayed the photographers William Eggleston and Juergen Teller in documentaries. For the first film about the darling of the fashion scene, Dries Van Noten, Holzemer required more than three years from the initial contact to the final decision to begin shooting

“I shot most of the film myself, meaning that I also operated the camera. He wanted it to be a little more intimate and not to have a huge team working around him. I wanted to show with this look at his private life that with an all-round creative person, it doesn’t make a difference whether he assembles a bouquet of flowers at home or designs a piece of clothing.” (Reiner Holzemer in an interview with Saskia Ibrom, “Vogue,” June 2017)

In cooperation with Maria Oberfrank, who will be present.

Maria Oberfrank is a fashion designer. She intends with her label pitour to combine contemporary trends and a discreet, purist elegance. She belongs to the creative headz team, which established and organizes the MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK. This year the FASHION WEEK will be held in the MuseumsQuartier from September 10 to 16, 2018