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FRIDAY 11.08.2017

Summer of Movement

Österreich Premiere
BLACK CODE, CA 2016, 88min, Dokumentarfilm,
Nicholas de Pencier, OF

In the initial years of the digital revolution, the World Wide Web and the spread of democracy were inextricably linked. The film shows how the web at present, thirty years later, is controlled by governments and communication is manipulated. Around the world, communities are forming independently of borders for the purpose of networking and jointly searching for new ways to defend democracy and privacy while also standing up for freedom of speech.

Script: Eric Pedicelli
Camera: Nicholas de Poncier
Sound: Nicholas de Poncier, Phil Strong, Tattersall Sound and Picture
Music: Eric Pedicelli
Producer: John Bryan, Maurizio Lode-Fč
Production: Black Code Media Inc.

Nick de Pencier is a Canadian filmmaker and studied English Literature, Film and Communication Sciences in Montreal. De Pencier’s currently making documentaries for television and the cinema.

In cooperation with Djamila Grandits and Julia Sternthal (directors and curators, this human world – International Human Rights Film Festival) and with a discussion with Georg Markus Kainz (quintessenz) and Javier Luque Martinez (digital media coordinator, International Press Institute), who will all be present.