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AT 2019, 109 min, Feature, OV German
D: Sebastian Brauneis
With Marlene Hauser, Christoph Kohlbacher, Noah L. Perktold, Laura Hermann, Lukas Watzl, Christoph Radakovits, Robert Reinagl, Lisa Schrammel and others

Director & Book: Sebastian Brauneis
Cinematography: Sebastian Brauneis, Valentin Brauneis (2nd Unit), Roman Chalupnik
Editing: Sebastian Brauneis, Antonia Adelsberger
Music: Nikolai Tunkowitsch
Szenenbild u. Ausstattung: David & Sebastian Brauneis
Music: Nikolai Tunkowitsch
Music Rights & Clarification: Victoria & Sebastian Brauneis
ADR, Mix & Master: Studio Wunderbar & Innenhof Studios
Production & Coordination: Margrit Brauneis, David Brauneis
Production: Studio Brauneis

Johanna, Franzi and Emil work in the same company run by an egocentric boss offering lousy salaries. When the sadistic Karli is supposed to take over as boss from his “Dad”, the three of them fight back together. A story which begins only with words in a Viennese summer night ends with deeds. Because whether the opponent is a single "Ungustl" [unlikable person] or an unjust superiority, the answer is always the same: don't be fooled and stick together.

Sebastian Brauneis, born 1978 in Vienna. Studied film science and medicine. Works as director and author. Assistant lecturer at the Max Reinhardt Seminar. Since 2002 he has directed over forty episodes of the Sendung ohne Namen. In 2019 the first successful experimental theatre production took place in XR. 3 FREUNDE 2 FEINDE is a 100% Austrian film, which was made without funding and with a budget of only € 3000,-.