MQ Hof 8

Arena 21

Free Entry

AT 2019, 75 min, Documentary, OV Germna
D: Thomas Reitmayer
With Robert Wolf, Mickey Kodak, Martin Panza Biro, Ronnie Urini, Ilse E. Hoffmann and others

Director: Thomas Reitmayer
Cinematography: Patrick Spanbauer u.a.
Editing: Patrick Spanbauer

A do-it-yourself film about the punk scene in Vienna from the late 1970s to the early 1980s. Excerpts from those years are gathered like puzzle pieces, documentarily valuable snapshots from several decades. Important protagonists of this period of youth awakening in Vienna are given a voice and allow us an insight into their present. With music by EXTREM, CHUZPE, DIRT SHIT, DEAD NITTELS, PÖBEL, A-GEN 53, SCHUND and others.

Thomas Reitmeyer (1974 - 2020) was a DIY photographer, filmmaker, graphic artist and skater.