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AT/CH, 94 min, Feature, OV German
D: Iliana Estañol und Johanna Lietha
With Sara Toth, Kerem Abdelhamed, Max Kuess, Luca von Schrader, Melissa Irowa, Valentin Gruber, Doris Schretzmayer, Marcel Mohab

Directors & Book: liana Estañol, Johanna Lietha
Cinematography: Georg Geutebrück, Steven Heyse
Editing: Lisa Geretschläger, Sebastian Longariva
Sound: Jón H. Geirfinnsson, Lenja Gathmann
Production: Silverio Films, Everything Is Film
Distribution: Stadtkino Filmverleih

Sex tapes and Skype dates, club nights and dinners with parents. The episode film LOVECUT follows six young people in their search for love, relationship and physicality. The anonymity and the fast pace of the internet shape those realities of life in which the young people try out new forms relationships and explore their own identity. A shimmering drift through a phase of life that releases insane energies - both productive and destructive. (Diagonale 2020)

STADTKINO WIEN and FM4 present this young Austrian feature film at frame[o]ut.
LOVECUT received the Fritz-Raff-Screenplay Prize 2020 at the Max Ophüls Award and was also awarded at the Diagonale '20. On 28.08.2020 LOVECUT will be released in cinemas all over Austria.