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AT 2021, Fiction, 105 min., deutsche OF
Director: Sebastian Brauneis
with Thomas Hojsa, Marlene Hauser, Julia Franz Richter, Christoph Radakovits, Margarethe Tiesel


Q&A in the presence of director Sebastian Brauneis

Director, Skript & DOP: Sebastian Brauneis
Production: Sebastian Brauneis, Marlene Hauser
Editor: Antonia Adelsberger
Original Soundtrack: Flora Rajakowitsch
Music: Emily Stewart

Everything will be ripe in autumn. The relationships between the protagonists of 1 VERABREDUNG IM HERBST are no exception. Everything is taking place in summer of 2020, some time after the end of the first corona lockdown, over the time span of 36 hours. Linda lives in Vienna and is in a relationship with Anton, who secretly goes his own way and keeps telling lies "to not hurt anyone". A relationship that has come to an end, a summer that is coming to an end and a lockdown that is ending, tearing everything up chaotically and hesitantly at the same time. Thus the stories of the protagonists intertwine with many other stories, to 1 VERABREDUNG IM HERBST.

Sebastian Brauneis was born in 1978 in Vienna, Austria. During his studies in film studies and medicine, he also began working in the field of film and television, where he worked in various departments. During this time he wrote and directed the TV series "Broadcast Without Name", "Willkommen Österreich", "Bösterreich", "Demokratie, die Show" and "Elevate". He has been teaching "Camera Acting" at the Max-Reinhardt-Seminar at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna since 2014 . His film debut "Zauberer" premiered in 2018 at the Max Ophüls-Prize in Saarbrücken.