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IT / FR / US / QA 2021, Doku-Fiktion, 100 min, OmeU
Director: Yuri Ancarani
With: Daniele Barison, Bianka Berényi, Maila Dabalà, Alberto Tedesco, Jacopo Torcellan

Script & Director: Yuri Ancarani
DOP: Yuri Ancarani
Editor: Yuri Ancarani
Sound: Mirco Mencacci
Production: Dugong Films, Luxbox, Doha Film Institute

Venice. Not as a place of longing, but a ghostly backdrop in the shadow of the tourist hotspot. This is where Daniele, a young man from Sant Erasmo, spends his days: between posing naked torsos, crystalline landscapes, thumping beats and the nihilistic desire to pimp the fastest baranchino (motorboat). While doing so, he regularly carves his current speed record into the wooden posts of the lagoon. Yuri Arancani's semi-documentary film about the youth scene of a place exposed to the sun, yet existing in the shadows, lives to the rhythm of adrenaline and evolves into a visually shimmering, psychedelic journey. “ATLANTIDE sets out on a powerful trip to explore the means of cinema, willing to take the risk of collision, somewhere in the pitch-black night.”

Yuri Ancarani, born 1972 in Ravenna, is an Italian video artist and film maker. His works come from a continuous mingling of documentary cinema and contemporary art and are the result of a research aimed to explore regions which are not very visibile in the daily life. His works have been shown at national and international museums and exhibitions, like the Fondazione Sandretto or the Guggenheim Museum in New York and several film festivals as the Venice Film Festival.