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In the presence of the artist Anahita Asadifar (... A RESPONSE), Martina Genetti and Lisa Heusschober (curators).



Activating archives and revisiting existing images and words, enables us to bring those voices into the present that have long been excluded from narrations. Feminist views, perspectives and documentation - often invisible or incomplete - are rediscovered through revision and appropriation, interwoven with present narratives and thoughts, and tranformed into a language of their own through montage and voice-over. This process opens up a dialogue that allows us to speak to and through the voices of the past, to draw and rely on them, in order to find a common, collective language.

Supporting Film: ... A RESPONSE


AT 2021, 5 min., Shortfilm, OV English
Director: Anahita Asadifar


In ... a response, gestures, excerpts, text fragments, and image segments with and by Claude Cahun, Audre Lorde, Susan Sontag, and bell hooks are assembled, creating a new conversation. The montage becomes the filmmaker's language in questioning the role and agency of the narrator: Whose stories are heard and whose stories have not found voice? What does it mean to give voice?





US 2021, 62 min., Documentary, OV English
Director: Courtney Stephens


Departing from the loss of her own mobility, the filmmaker looks at travelogues and amateur videos made by women in the 1920-50s and sets out to find a female gaze. Essayistic and speculative, fragments from archives join the stories of those who were in the position to travel and film. The voice-over appropriates the narratives of the women, highlights the ongoing legacy of patriarchal violence, and questions the prevailing gaze regime: Who sees and who is seen? What do these videos tell us about the absence of women in archives?


Director & Script: Courtney Stephens
Editor: Courtney Stephens, Dounia Sichov
Sound Design: Paul Hill
Music: Sarah Davachi
Production: Courtney Stephens / Jacket Weathe

Courtney Stephens is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Her non-fiction and experimental films address the contours of language, historical memory, and women's lives. Her work has been exhibited at the Berlinale, the Museum of Modern Art, New York Film Festival, AFI Fest, South by Southwest, Art of the Real, The Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Hong Kong, Camden, Mumbai, Luxembourg, Dhaka, and San Francisco International Film Festivals. A graduate of the American Film Institute, she co-founded the Los Angeles microcinema Veggie Cloud and has curated film programs for The Getty, Museum of the Moving Image, Union Docs, and Flaherty NYC.




This program is the result of a collaboration between film curators Martina Genetti and Lisa Heuschober.

Together, Martina Genetti and Lisa Heuschober work in diverse projects with video and film works that engage with various archives and place (re)found images in new contexts. In doing so, they deal with gaze regimes, reflect on (in)visibilities in narratives, and question historiography through archive and collection.

As a film curator and art historian, Martina Genetti deals with monuments, historiography, and culture of remembrance. Together with Filmclub Tacheles she organized the Filmreihe Beckermann at the University of Vienna in 2022. She is a co-founder of the film distribution company KINEMA 21 and recently became the director of the film competition at the YOUKI International Youth Media Festival.

Lisa Heuschober is a curator and cultural worker. Her interests lie in the design of cinematic spaces that are places for interaction, collectivity, and interdisciplinary creative processes. She has been frame[o]ut’s head of programme since 2022.