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Free Entry

UK 2007, Fiction, 96 min., OV English
Director: Joanna Hogg
Starring: Kathryn Worth, Tom Hiddleston, Mary Roscoe, David Rintoul, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Harry Kershaw, Michael Hadly

Script: Joanna Hogg
Sound: Jovan Ajder, Peter Crooks, Chris Mcdermott, Oliver McDermott
Editing: Helle Le Fevre
Cinematography: Oliver Curtis
Production: Barbara Stone

Anna, a woman in her forties, joins the family of her school friend Verena, who is spending her vacation in Siena, Italy. Anna does not really want to join the group, also because she has brought her personal problems with her. Due to the lack of affiliation with her peers, she joins the young people. She has her eye on Verena's son Oakley in particular. In doing so, she not only enrages Verena, but also triggers a turbulent family quarrel, which finally helps Anna's tension to break out and break through her isolation.

Joanna Hogg is a British director and screenwriter. After Unrelated her other works are Archipelago (2010), Exhibition (2013), The Souvenir (2019), The Souvenir Part II (2021) and The Eternal Daughter (2022). Hoggs is influenced by European and Asian directors such as Rohmer and Ozu. Her portrayal of characters has led commentators to label her as the protagonist of a new and fleet-footed (social) realism in British cinema. Early in her career, Hogg was both influenced and encouraged by artist and filmmaker Derek Jarman.