LE JOUR OÙ J’AI DÉCOUVERT QUE JANE FONDA ÉTAIT BRUNE / The Day I Discovered that Jane Fonda Was a Brunette

MQ Hof 8

MQ Arena21

Free Entry

FR 2022, Documentary, 82 min., OV with english subtitles
Director: Anna Salzberg

Script: Anna Salzberg
Music: Stéphanie Barbarou
Editing: Françoise Tesseron
Cinematography: Gertrude Baillot, Nathalie Descamps, Bob Electon, Charlotte Krebs, Frédérique Menant, Claudia Mollese, Anna Salzberg
Production: Nicole Azzaro, Delphine Pervilhac

The director Anna asks her mother why she decided to live as a single parent. Was it a self-determined decision? Does she lead a self-determined life? Anna gets no satisfactory answer and explores her mother's life story and her intense feminist involvement in the 1970s. She researches friends and fellow activists of that time and they report and show their struggles for equality with amateur video footage. What has changed until today? Will Anna find the answers she is looking for?

Anna Salzberg is a filmmaker, sound recordist and sound editor who works in various forms of documentary. She studied social sciences and political science and is a member of the artisanal laboratories l’Etna and l’Abominable, where she works with super-8 and 16mm film. She has also produced sound documentaries for ARTE Radio. She is a member of the Scotcheuses (a film collective that makes super 8 films in places of struggle, such as at the Notre-Dame-des-Landes zad and at Bure), and of various feminist collectives.