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MX, DK, FR 2023 | D: Lila Avilés | Feature film | 95 min. | OV with English Subtitles
With: Naima Sentiés, Montserrat Maranon, Marisol Gasé

Director | Writer: Lila Avilés
With: Naima Sentiés, Montserrat Maranon, Marisol Gasé
Cinematography: Diego Tenorio
Music: Thomas Becka
Production design: Nohemi Gonzalez, Selva Tulián
Costume: Jimena Fernández, Nora Solis
Producers: Lila Avilés, Siobhan Flynn, Tatiana Graullera, Louise Riousse, Jose Tamez

A spacious house with a large garden. Preparations for a birthday party for an extended Mexican family fill the rooms. Seven-year-old Sol has also come to help with the party for her father Tona. In the shimmering hustle and bustle of cakes, presents, garlands of lights and exorcising ghosts, preparations are made for a birthday that feels like a farewell, because Tona has cancer. A celebration full of vital signs of life begins, while plants sprout and insects buzz, the wonderful guests dance, play and sing, argue, eat and drink. In the here and now.

Lila Avilés began her career in theatre and then switched to film directing. The Mexican director, screenwriter and producer is known for her first feature film La Camarista, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and had its European premiere at the San Sebastian International Film Festival (SIFF) in 2018. Waitress has won numerous national and international awards, screened at more than 70 festivals around the world and will be shown in cinemas in 12 countries. Avilés has been selected to represent Mexico at the Goya Awards and the 2020 Oscars. She is currently developing her next film after TÓTEM.