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BE 2023 | D: Bas Devos | feature film | 82 min. | OV with English Subtitles
With: Stefan Gota, Liyo Gong, Teodor Corban, ShuHuan Wang

Director & writer: Bas Devos
Camera: Grimm Vandekerckhove
Editing: Dieter Diependaele
Music: Brecht Ameel
Costume: Manon Blom
Producer: Marc Goyens

Stefan, a Romanian seasonal construction worker in Brussels, is getting ready to leave for home. He visits his various friends, his work colleagues and his sister to say goodbye. He meets Shuxiu, a doctoral student in bryology, or moss research, and together they immerse themselves in intense moments and in the world of biological microcosms. Greenery peeking out of a gap in the concrete on the ground, meandering along the walls of houses, plants at the foot of a tree. A piece of urban nature that otherwise receives no attention. Stefan wanders through social and biological microcosms. He follows the whimsical paths of the city and directs his gaze to the magic of small things and the inconspicuous in everyday life.

Bas Devos, born in Belgium in 1983, studied at the LUCA School of Arts, where he now works as a teacher. He directed his first short film, Taurus, in 2006. Violet (2014), his feature film debut, premiered at the Berlinale, where it was nominated for the Best First Feature Award and at the Camerimage Festival for Best Directorial Debut. His second feature film, Hellhole (2019), also premiered at the Berlinale. Just a few months later, he completed Ghost Tropic, which was the closing film of the Director's Fortnight in Cannes. Here (2023), selected for the IFFR 2024, is his fourth feature film.