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AR, DE 2022 | D: Leandro Listori | Documentary | 83 min. | OV with English Subtitles
Claudio Caldini, Lucía Ciruelos, Narcisa Hirsch, Gabriela Klier, Julia Wallmüller

Director | Writer: Leandro Listorti
Camera: Fidel González Armatta
Music: Roberta Ainstein
Production: Leandro Listorti, Paula Zyngierman

At first glance, botanical specimens and analogue film material seem to have little in common. But if you rummage through rolls of film and herbaria, open archives and showcases, look at the gaps in the crumbling material, similarities emerge: Both preserve the past, require care in the face of transience, inspire lustful wonder and ultimately always tell of the power inherent in preservation. Between flowers, gardens, museums, cinemas and film archives, a connection is created between the world of plants and that of cinema.

Leandro Listorti, born in Argentina in 1976, is a filmmaker, programmer, projectionist and film archivist. After studying film, he attended workshops and made a series of short films on Super 8. In 2010, he completed his first documentary Dead Youth, which was shown at Les Écrans Documentaires, IDFA and DocsLisboa, among others. Between 2005 and 2015, he worked as a programmer for the BAFICI film festival and was one of the founders of A.R.C.A. (Regional Archive for Amateur Film). Listorti is part of Vaivem Cine, a production company in Buenos Aires, and has worked at the Buenos Aires Film Museum since 2016. Inventory (2018) is his second film before Herbaria.