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DE, IR 2024 | D: Farahnaz Sharifi | Documentary | 82 min. | OV with English Subtitles

Director | Screenplay | Cinematography | Editing | Original sound: Farahnaz Sharifi
Music: Atena Eshtiaghi
Producers: Anke Petersen, Lilian Tietjen, Farzad Pak
Production: JYOTI Film Gmbh

Farah, a filmmaker born in Iran in 1979, after the Islamic revolution, tells her documentary story in diary form. In a collection of 8mm films, she compiles moments of joy and resistance and shows the contrast between inner freedom and outer oppression. The barren garden of Farah's family, a centre of family life, is also a place of coming home for her. By establishing contact with Leila, her university professor who left Iran during the revolution, a second voice is given a name and a story within the film. When Farah's mother falls ill with Alzheimer's, Farah motivates her to fight against forgetting. Then, in autumn, the Jin Jiyan Azadî movement (Woman Life Freedom Movement) begins and marks a turning point in Farah's life, as it does for many other Iranians. Moments of Peace, in the midst of turmoil and resistance, reveals the complex connection between personal and political life in Iran. Told with care and entirely from the perspective of women.

Farahnaz Sharifi is an award-winning Iranian filmmaker and film editor who had to go into exile at the end of 2022. She graduated from the University of Tehran with a degree in film studies. Her films are mostly based on archives, and she uses archive images and films to tell her stories. Farahnaz is also a well-known film editor in Iran. Her most recent work as an editor is the highly acclaimed documentary Radiograph of a Family, which won the IDFA 2020 Award for Best Feature Length Documentary. Farahnaz has received many awards inside and outside Iran, including the Best Film Award at Uppsala Short Film Festival and Fajr Film Festival in Iran. She was also a jury member at IDFA 2022. In addition to her career as a filmmaker and editor, she is also a writer.