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FR 2023, Spielfilm, 83 min., OV with english subtitles
Director: Marie Amachoukeli
Starring: Louise Mauroy-Panzani, Ilça Moreno Zego, Arnaud Rebotini, Fredy Gomes Tavares, Abnara Gomes Varela, Domingos Borges Almeida

Script: Marie Amachoukeli
Sound: Yolande Decarsin, Fanny Martin, Daniel Sobrino
Editor: Suzana Pedro
Music: Fanny Martin
Cinematography: Inès Tabarin
Production: Bénédicte Couvreur

6-year-old Cloé lives in Paris with her single father and loves her nanny Gloria dearly. When she suddenly has to return to her native Cape Verde to look after her own children, she promises Cloé that they will see each other again soon. But Gloria cannot return to Paris. Cloé visits Gloria in Cape Verde over the summer with great longing and both decide to make the most of their last remaining time together. During her visit, Cloé also gets insights into Gloria's reality of life, which she processes with her own childlike perspective.

Marie Amachoukeli is a French writer and director. After several short films, her first feature film Party Girl (FR 2014) was awarded the “Camera d'Or” in Cannes. After commissioned work for TV, Ama Gloria is her second feature film, which premiered in Cannes 2023 in the “Semaine de la Critique ” celebrated.