Performance: L-INKED

MQ Haupthof

Free Entry


Jaskaran Anand: concept, art direction, production, performer, choreographer
Simona Štangová: dancer, assistant choreographer
Emilija Veljković: musician
Radoš Veljković: musician


In cooperation with CALLE LIBRE

The interdisciplinary, multicultural art project L-INKED sees itself as a continuous work-in-progress research format that invites us to reflect on how we - each shaped by our context - enter relationships, what role our bodies play in this, how we deal with love and desire. In doing so, we question gender norms and stereotypes in different cultures.


MQ Haupthof

Free Entry

Director: Rossel Chaslie


Q&A with Rossel Chaslie und Jakob Kattner (Director, CALLE LIBRE Street Art Festival) and animation

Rossel Chaslie was born in Paramaribo, Suriname and is a visual artist specializing in illustration and animation. A multitude of styles and themes can be found in Rossel Chaslie's work. In his artistic work he is primarily concerned with racism and black history.


MQ Haupthof

Free Entry

US 1983, 69 min., Documentary, OF Engl.
Director: Tony Silver & Henry Chalfant

Director: Tony Silver, Henry Chalfant
Production: Henry Chalfant, Tony Silver
DOP: Burleigh Wartes
Sound: Paul Bang, Richard Patterson, Larry Scharf
Editors: Sam Pollard, Mary Alfieri

STYLE WARS follows graffiti artists like Min One, Dez, Iz and Seen as they sneak through subway tunnels to train stations while avoiding the ominous electric tracks. Armed with cans of spray paint, they run away from the transit police to create mural masterpieces, all in the name of glory. STYLE WARS documents the thrill of spreading graffiti tags on subways across the city.

Tony Silver was originally from New York City, where he attended Columbia University and briefly pursued an acting career before starting his own films in 1970. His focus is on documentaries. Tony Silver accompanied, among many others, the sharman Marshall Arisman, and also the jazz singer Anita Ellis and is known for his uncompromising works.


Henry Chalfant is an American photographer and videographer best known for his work on graffiti, breakdancing, and hip-hop culture. One of Chalfant's prints is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.


In program cooperation with Calle Libre


Our long-time program partner Calle Libre is presenting the 8th edition of the Calle Libre - Festival for Urban Aesthetics this year. Using artistic interventions, Calle Libre opens a dialogue between artists and interested parties and advocates a new perception of street art.