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PROSA - In Vienna, this stands not only for a literary genre, but also for the project School for All for young people who have fled their homes. In autumn 2020, Muhammet Ali Baş, Luca Manuel Kieser and Katharina Pressl started a writing process with former PROSA students to explore the question: What stories do you want to capture? The central concern was to encourage literary writing, free of any expectations regarding topics but also a certain linguistic level. This resulted in texts that depict writing, working, living and learning in Vienna in its many facets and which are now available as a book. New school places are financed through its sale and ultimately it will flow back into the classroom as learning material: Prose for PROSA.


Presented by: Abdiwahab Adan, Mohamed Nour Al Hammoud, Mohamed Al Taie, Mahdi Bahrami, Muhammet Ali Baş, Yohannes Berhiu, Sassan Esmailzadeh, Zhara Ghafooryan, Ania Hakobian, Sana Idris, Luca Manuel Kieser, Amina Kurbanova, Abdikadir Mahamed, Ikran Mahamud Mohammed, Katharina Pressl, Ibrahim Rahimi, Abdul Wasi Safizadeh


YOUKI: Short Film Program „LOST & FOUND“

MQ Haupthof

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The YOUKI team presents the short film programme "LOST & FOUND" - compiled from short films of the last festival editions, based on this year's festival theme.

About the away-flight of birds
Experimental by Andreas Thörn and Jan Jolin
Sweden, 2020, 7:18 min.


Animation by Kevely Ferreira
United States, 2020, 4:18 min.


Outgrowing my shoes
Fiction by Grace Conley and Kaya Trefz
United States, 2020, 3:56 min.


Bungee to the beyond
Fiction by Ian García Varona
Mexico, 2020, 13:29 min.


Across the wishes
Experimental by Arseniy Aleinik
Belarus/ Czech Republic, 2020, 11:31 min.


Prom Night
Fiction by Gvozden Ilić
Serbia, 2019, 19:42 min.

Under this year's annual theme LOST & FOUND, YOUKI 2021 is dedicated to the interplay between loss and discovery: the tension between being lost, (re)finding and being found, but also the diverse feelings, states and possibilities that move between lost and found. LOST & FOUND is above all one thing: cyclical. A never-ending process, in constant renewal and negotiation. Lost can be something beautiful, exciting, light-hearted, which can lead to an altered sense of Found - and vice versa. Between the two poles lies a process that in turn can work productively in both directions. Thus, every Found is the end and at the same time the beginning of a new process.

YOUKI is a media festival for young artists, filmmakers, media producers. The festival’s focus is directed on its International Short Film Competition. YOUKI also sees itself as a platform for representatives of the film, media and culture industries, offers trial rooms, media education, concerts and addresses contemporary phenomena in discursive events.