Free Entry

DE/AT 2020, Documentary, 44 min., OmeU
Director: Sophie Gmeiner
Starring Regina Gmeiner, Teresa Gmeiner

Director & concept: Sophie Gmeiner
DOP: Simon Dallaserra
Editors: Sophie Gmeiner, Simon Dallaserra
Dramaturgic advice: Nils Schröder
Sound Design & music: Oskar J. Mayböck

After Resi (59) was able to lead her life largely autonomously despite mental handicap, she has been living in the local nursing home in her home town Kössen, Tyrol for a few years. The unconventional Gini (61) is Resi's sister and trustee, but also her closest ally. Gini visits her in the nursing home, they go by car, by bike, are on the countryside. Photos from the past, stories, memories, coated by landscape, present, past and moments of great closeness.


MQ Hof 8

Free Entry

DE 2019, Documentary, 9 min., OmeU
Director: Sophie Gmeiner
Starring Galila Khorshid

Director, Skript & Editor: Sophie Gmeiner  
Actress: Galila Khorshid
DOP: Simon Dallaserra
Production: Sophie Gmeiner

Galila in her apartment. She moves, walks, does gymnastics, she talks about herself and others, about encounters, small events, sensitivities, big wishes and plans. It is never completely visible, no beginning, no end. Right in the middle, close. A young woman named Galila.

Sophie Gmeiner, born in 1992 in Tyrol. Studied philosophy in Vienna and Berlin. Since 2016 she works the area of film production and as an artistic assistant. Lives and works in Berlin.


MQ Hof 8

Free Entry

DE 2021, 38 min., OmeU
Director: Franziska Pflaum
Starring Cathleen Buchholz, Romina Küper, Abid Alhusayyan, Gabriele Gysi, Jürgen Bierfreund, Janne Gregor, Awras Brefky, Paul Lux, Sofie Hofmann, Ali Ahmadi, Jakob D’Aprile, Dynes Kopietz, Naela Zukari, Susann Alhusayyan, Aya Alhusayyan, Patric Tavanti, Dennis Fischer, Julia Müller, Mark Loewenberg, Motte Loewenberg, Pia Brecht, Gaith Alhusayyan

Regie: Franziska Pflaum
Buch: Franziska Pflaum, Julia Müller
Konzept: Julia Müller
Kamera: Nico Mews
Schnitt: Friederike Hohmuth
Originalton: Christoph Kozik, Vincent Zegvelt
Musik: Jachym Kovar
Sounddesign: Christoph Kozik
Szenenbild: Rafael Loß
Kostüm: Johanna Pflaum

In a photo we see Lilli (12) with her older sister and grandparents on a beach. At that time, Lilli's life was fine, grandma wasn't dead and grandpa wasn't sick. Lilli wonders if there is a way to immerse herself in the photography in order to bring the world at that time to life. She is determined to hold onto lost happiness.

Franziska Pflaum, born 1987 in Vienna. Since 2010 studying directing at the HFF "Konrad Wolf" Potsdam-Babelsberg. In 2011 she completed her diploma studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (film class Harun Farocki). Franziska Pflaum is currently shooting her first feature film.