MQ Haupthof

MQ Arena 21

Free Entry

BR 2021, feature film, 127 min. , OV English subtitles
Director: Anita Rocha da Silveira
Starring: Mariana Oliveira, Thiago Fragoso, Lara Tremouroux, Joana Medeiros, Felipe Frazão, Bruna G

Director: Anita Rocha da Silveira
Camera: João Atala
Editing: Marilia Moraes
Sound: Bernardo Uzeda
Production: Bananeira Filmes, MyMama Entertainment, Brisa Filmes

21-year-old Mariana belongs to a world where she has to do everything to keep the appearance of a "perfect woman". To resist temptation themselves, she and her friends try their best to control everything and everyone around them. This includes, above all, other young women who do not fit into their worldview. A worldview shaped by hard religious and conservative boundaries. Queerness has no place here. At night, the group goes out masked to practice vigilante justice. As Mariana begins to question their common practices and attitudes, she makes unexpected discoveries.


A raucous film experience between horror and satire about the rise of evangelical, conservative and anti-feminist forces in Brazil.